Important Message
to iOS 10.0 yikes users

There is a bug in the official release of iOS 10.0 that prevents the yikes app from unlocking doors consistently*.

Good news! Apple has released a fix in iOS 10.1 as of October 24th, which fixes that specific bug. Simply update your iPhone to iOS 10.1 officially available by going to Settings > General > Software Update and follow the instructions. Once you have updated to iOS 10.1, everything should be back to normal.

If you cannot update yet, here are some temporary workarounds:

  1. Restart your iOS device:
    note: If you are on-site and near a door (assuming Bluetooth and other device requirements** are met) you should see activity on the room connection indicator. If the circle is empty and transparent, the bug is present and the device needs to be restarted. Continue with option 3 if your door is still not unlocking.
  2. Turn Bluetooth Off and On. Use the Control Center or Settings > Bluetooth. Turn Off, wait for at least 5 seconds, then turn back On. Continue with option 2 if your door is still not unlocking.

* The issue appears when iOS doesn't detect iBeacons. See here for more information on that technologie:

** Device requirements: In the yikes Guest App, when looking at a stay, if there is a warning icon on the bottom left of the screen pulsing, please tap on that icon and follow the on-screen instructions before the app can provide seamless door access.
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