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With Yikes
The future of intelligent commerce is here.
A harmonious way to sync identity, security, access, loyalty and engagement for you and your customer.
Our technologies improve your loyalty programs, apps, in-store and digital targeting. Yikes technologies can enrich every business.
And what’s out of sight for them is completely visible to you.
The Yikes ID Suite
We put together one view of your customer and their true behavior.
It has:
  • Secure ID, Key & Lock (Hotel or Dorm Room)
  • Secure Ticketing & Access
  • Transaction Access, Loyalty & Improved Customer Service Payment across Property (Food Services, Coffee, Gifts & Apparel)
  • Payment across Property (Food Services, Coffee, Gifts & Apparel)
  • Space Analytics & Usage
  • Sensors-based Proximity Detection
  • Remote Access & Management
  • Full Suite Analytics

Yikes has been able to create a frictionless experience, completely re-defining how we interact with guests.

Jim Harness, GM
Acme Hotel Company, Chicago
Yikes will help you deliver an experience your customer will never forget.
With the Yikes ID Suite, you’ll be their hero every time.
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How is Yikes changing the world?
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