The growing landscape for small independent hotels creates high competition where unique experiences will set them apart. The millennial generation continues to use digital technology to not only research and books hotels, but also find interactive ways to enhance their experience. From a recent mobile tracker survey, traveler’s are twice as likely to travel with their phone than their loved one. By utilizing mobile phone software applications, guests experiences can be personalized helping generate loyal customers. 

Hotel Bookings & Ratings

In today’s technology driven landscape, online reviews establish the trustworthiness of a business. Few online reviews limit new customers from considering locations as compared to travel destinations with many online reviews. While peer-to-peer comments are becoming the new word of mouth for organizations, hotels must consider online comments and adapt around any negative reviews. 

The mobile phone has provided new avenues for customers to reach businesses. Hotels need to take advantage of the digital landscape to not only offer a chance for consumer feedback, but also offer guests the ability to skip the front desk line. The millennial traveler and fast-paced corporate officer often have little time to worry about their room accommodations. Thus, mobile check-in and straight-to-room capabilities provide a seamless experience to individuals looking to fast-forward their travel reasons.

Mobile Access / Mobile Key

To enhance mobile check-in capabilities, hotel chains are beginning to offer mobile access features. Guests are now able to enter their room without the need of visiting a front desk. While small hotels must maximize revenue management, mobile key technology eliminates the need for extra room cards as well as adding new layers of security.

When giving out RFID hotel cards, hotels are limited to knowing who has what room keys, therefore, opening up a chance for security to be compromised. With mobile access technology, a hotel is able to digitally assign guests and their friends or family to the rooms they have reserved. This added layer of security ensures guests of their safety while hotels can manage who has access to the building digitally.

The hospitality technology boom will soon provide new elements to mobile access solutions. As millennials look for new ways to incorporate their phone into their travel experience, hotels will be forced to accommodate to their needs. Providing mobile key access is the first step in this hospitality revolution and small hotels must implement to stay ahead of their competition. 

yikes’ mobile access solution provides key benefits for both hotels and guests. Our mobile app lets traveler’s skip the front desk with automated mobile check-in and walk straight into their room. While guests can share digital keys with their friends and family, hotels are able to manage and track who has access. Our intuitive guest experience is unrivaled among our competitors.

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