Many digital platforms, most notably navigational apps, have the ability to track user’s location in real-time. Similarly, mobile key is able to track individual access through a location’s premise providing valuable information to firms.

With tracking information, firms are able to implement marketing strategies that occur immediately according to a consumer’s current location. More specifically, a guest staying at a hotel could receive an immediate marketing notification from the hotel’s attached restaurant stating “Free Appetizer” as a guest walks through the lobby.

Similar techniques can be useful, appealing to consumer’s who like to change plans last minute or opt for convenience in the moment. With proper utilization, firms can boost the chance to up-sell offerings that are located around the premise.

Download the App, Free Consumable

Many restaurants have begun offering free consumables when people download their mobile app. As a consumer, it creates a drive to actually go through the process of downloading the app and obtaining their incentive.

Now, several hotels often have small restaurants attached to their main lobby. This idea of providing an incentive for downloading the app can create unique up-sell opportunities. As consumer’s venture to obtain their free consumable, they often spend time looking at other offerings, and will occasionally purchase more.

Location-Based Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are inevitable when surfing the internet and visiting new sites. As an immediate call-to-action, firms use pop-ups to develop their consumer database. In parallel, guests walking around the hotel premise could receive a pop-up, but with a different message.

An incentive-based pop up, such as “Free Drink on Us”, drives an immediate response from the consumer to act on the incentive, or not. Rather than becoming another consumer in the database though, these incentives provide real value as guests are willing to stop and enjoy drinks on the hotel’s premise. By keeping individual’s on the property, firms have the chance to increase the revenue generated from each stay.

Mobile key has opened the door (pun intended) to many new marketing strategies. Firms utilizing incentive based strategies, whether it be for downloading the app or walking by a restaurant, will see a drastic increase to in-stay revenue.

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