We often see that technology doesn’t always drive new streams of revenues for firms. However, firms still invest. The hospitality and residential industries have been investing in new technologies to eliminate inefficiencies in guest interactions, like waiting in line at the front desk.

Although mobile key doesn’t directly affect front desk waiting lines, integrations have it possible to skip the front desk and walk straight to your room. Other integrations have allowed hotels and apartment owners to directly communicate with their tenants via text.

So, we ask, “Why Invest?”

A hotel or apartment app can now be created as a platform, using mobile key as its core software service. Tenants have access to all rooms and amenities through their mobile phone, while the app introduces features such as maintenance requests or room service. These features have the potential to impact the guest’s experience and generate additional revenue for the company.

Mobile Key

Mobile key innovation has already impacted the hospitality industry in a positive way, and will continue to do so as features are added. Managers are beginning to realize the convenience of immediately providing or disabling access to doors in a facility, unlike traditional physical keys and RFID cards.

These counterparts are also very difficult to track throughout their lifecycle. Physical keys can be easy to lose, and RFID cards can lose functionality. Replacing both requires time and money whereas a mobile phone rarely leaves an individual’s sight. The ability to track keys throughout their lifecycle creates an additional layer of security for hotels and apartment owners, as they can now see who and when doors are accessed.

Tenant Communication

Previously mentioned, mobile key can now serve as the core of an ever-expanding technology platform. Two-way communication has slowly been demanded across both industries, giving hotels and tenants a sure-fire way to reach out to the other.

Recent studies have shown that text messages have an extremely high open rate, ranging around 98%. Alone, this statistic proves that two-way communication can serve a vital role in hotel and apartment operations. Before long, text message marketing will become mainstream giving all firms a greater chance to be heard.

Service Requests

With the development of the Internet, apartment owners began using websites as means to request maintenance. This was extremely effective for tenants especially during out-of-office hours. Although different industries, hotels still have a set of their own requests.

In both regards, a mobile app can deliver the same results. Combined with mobile key, tenants are able to quickly order room service or ask for maintenance at their own convenience. As guests get comfortable in their living space, these requests do not require much communication with other individuals, giving them the social space they prefer.

While face-to-face interactions drive much of the nature in both industries, an app can provide certain features and services to eliminate inefficiencies in these synergies. With a mobile key solution, owners can re-define the entire guest experience by utilizing mobile key as the core of its mobile app platform.

y!kes LLC

y!kes provides an innovative mobile access solution capable of both RFID and Bluetooth functionality. By downloading our mobile app, guests may use a mobile key to enter their room, while having access to a variety of features on our dashboard. To learn how y!kes can deliver a re-defined guest experience, please visit and Request a demo!