If you’re a parent these four words may ring a little too true for you. I can clearly recall spending a day in our family van tooling along to our vacation destination. But after 14 hours of two sisters, two parents, and too many books on tape we arrived only for mom and dad to direct us to “stay in the van while we go check in.” My parents then went into the resort office and spent a good forty-five minutes on their feet trying sort out some mistake. Meanwhile, I tried my best to read just outside the vehicle in the dimming light of day. I can’t help but wonder now if that extra wait before crashing onto a fresh bed could have been avoided if the hotel staff weren’t so bogged down with check-in lines that they couldn’t devote more time to focusing on preventing and correcting errors. Then, when my little sister asked “Are we there yet?” my parents could have told her “yes” with no strings attached – and perhaps I would have been able to get another couple of chapters into my junior-level sci-fi book. So if you’re asking yourself if we’re there yet – if we have developed a technology that can shorten check in lines and help prevent delay, y!kes can answer you: “Yes, we’re here.”

Rebecca McVay