The future is always closer than we think. And in this day and age, the future seems to be gravitating more towards making everyday tasks simple and efficient. It is this same driving force that made mobile key access from an idea into a tangible reality that people can take advantage of today.

In the Hotel industry, mobile access keys will revolutionize many aspects of the service that have remained stagnant for years. This method of key access will make it much easier for hotels to manage the needs of their guests, and it will also help ensure that guests are kept safe and secure. In an industry such as this, the safety and security of guests are paramount and it is important that this concept is always at the forefront of the industry. Let’s take a look at some of the ways mobile key access can help keep guests more secure during their stays.


Easy To Remember

One of the most prominent things about mobile key access is the fact that your key is digital, which increases the chances of it always being within your reach. Mobile key access goes hand in hand with smartphones, and people tend to pay more attention to these than they do to keys. There is a higher chance that people will tend to forget their keys than they will their smartphone. This is a crucial feature for guests to take advantage of because of how easy it can be to lock themselves out of their room at some point in time during their stay.

There are many different types of guests and not all of them will be prone to losing keys, but if they do, they will be much more secure with mobile key access. Lockouts can be dangerous, especially if it is coupled with an emergency. However, the use of mobile access keys reduces the chance of a lockout, especially when it’s as simple as clicking a touch pad. It is common for people to forget their keys, but it is less likely that they will forget their smartphones.


A Key They Can Find

People who have lost their keys before know just how hard it is to find them again, especially in a timely manner. Mobile devices, on the other hand, can be found through apps such as “Find My Friends” thus giving you its location nearly immediately. When it comes to mobile key access, your smartphone can operate almost as a failsafe for whenever you lose your keys. If you lose a traditional key, you normally have to resort to combing through your room and your last few locations to see if it turns up.

As mentioned, location apps and services allows guests to avoid resorting to traditional methods to find their smartphones if they lose them. It will be much easier for them to recover their smartphone than it will be for them to recover a standard lost key. This will help guests keep track of their keys at all times and it will help them stay more secure if they are ever faced with a lockout situation.


The Key Needs A Key

In addition to the points listed above, mobile key access adds digital security that traditional keys do not afford hotel guests. In order for mobile key access to work, guests must type a key code to find their room number making it more difficult for someone to find your room. With traditional keys, a burglar or criminal would merely have to get the guests keys or a copy of them in order to gain access to their room without picking the lock.

Once again, it will be much easier for a burglar to swipe your keys than it will be for them to swipe your smartphone. Even if they are able to grab your phone, they will need to know the key code that will enable them to operate the lock to your room. This double layer of security works to keep your guests much more secure than they would be with just traditional locks and keys.


Ease of Access

One of the strong suits of mobile key access is the ease of which guests can open their doors. This is not to say that using a traditional key is complex or harder, but under duress, it might be more difficult for guests to operate traditional keys. For instance, if a guest is scared for their life or if they are escaping an attacker, the process of having to stop and fiddle with a with keys can put their life at risk. With mobile access keys, guests do not have to worry about fiddling around, they can simply retreat to the safety and comfort of their rooms through a simple tap on the touch pad. A guest will always be more secure if there is a simpler way to enter their room.


Discrete Residency

In most cases, key cards and physical keys have to be marked in order to ensure that they are handed out to the right guests and it makes them easy to track. The information that goes on these keys could either be a name, contact information, or even a room number. With this type of information out in the open, there is always a possibility that it could fall in the wrong hands, even if a guest follows stringent security measures.

Having this amount of information out in the open can lead to potential victimization if the guest happens to be targeted outside of your establishment. However, with the use of mobile access keys and mobile check-in, all the necessary information that links the key to a guest’s room resides on their smartphone and this alone provides an additional layer of security that guests can take advantage of.



The safety and security of guests is at the core of the hotel industry and every establishment wants to evoke a warm sense of safety and hospitality. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of mobile keys. These keys help provide guests with a more streamlined experience and it also helps them stay safe throughout their stay at your hotel. In addition to this, these keys will help hotels better understand their guests so that they can fine tune their services and help provide an unparalleled guest experience. In order to make sure that you are providing your guests with maximum security, make sure you discuss your choice of locks with a commercial locksmith, who will be better suited to help you figure out which locks will work with mobile access and which ones will provide top notch security.


By Ralph Goodman