How it works

1Book your room normally on the travel sites you love.

y!kes syncs automatically
with, and across, all major hotel reservation systems.

2We’ll tell you when your room is ready.

Travel with confidence, focus on your meetings, and know a soft bed is waiting for you.

3Check-in when you walk in.

y!kes tells the hotel you’ve arrived. Bypass the front desk and head straight to your room.

4Access Granted.

y!kes unlocks doors anywhere your key would, automatically. Leave your mobile in your pocket and the app running in the background.

5Do Not Disturb.

y!kes locks the door securely behind you, and tells housekeeping when the room is occupied.

6Check-out when you walk out.

y!kes will check you out when you leave, automatically, and will email you a receipt for your stay.

Watch travel get smarter and smarter.

y!kes technology is just getting started. A tremendous array of additional features are in the works, with automatic updates for future generations on the way.